Freakently asked questions

  • Who uses SMS Messaging?
    Anyone and everyone who needs to get a message away to the masses, fast. This can be used for promotions in the club / hospitality industry, for emergency alerts, or used in finance companies to assist with debt collection.
  • Do you really only pay for what you send in the Dx Portal?
    Yes you only pay for what you use, no minimum spend, no monthly fees and no sign up costs.
  • Do you provide designated inbound mobile numbers?
    We sure do, just give us a call or request a call back and we can provide you with a mobile number that reflects your company name, which you can use on all your marketing material.
  • What are all the services the Dx Portal has to offer?
    SMS Broadcasting, Voice Broadcasting, Email Broadcasting, Fax Broadcasting, Media Lists plus Business and Government fax lists.