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SMS Marketing in the Hotel Industry
by: Anonymous 17 March 2014

If you have heard of SMS marketing and wondered what role it might play in your business, the options are only limited by your imagination.


The majority of people now have mobile phones and many prefer to be contacted via text. It is also a great way to optimise your business’... more

5 Benefits of Using SMS Marketing
by: Anonymous 14 March 2014

SMS marketing—that is text message marketing—provides many benefits to businesses in a variety of industries. Since the majority of people now have mobile phones, it is easier to serve customer needs and cater to customer preferences. Many companies offer multiple alternatives to phone calls now... more

Voice Broadcasting for Events
by: Anonymous 13 March 2014

We all want our events to be a success, to be talked about for weeks before and after.


Voice Broadcasting is a great personalised way in which to keep people excited for an upcoming event and to show appreciation to guests who have attended.


Here are some great... more

by: Anonymous 15 December 2013

With Christmas just around the corner, the pressure is really on for businesses hoping to capture consumers' attention.


One advantage that modern day retailers have over those in the past is that there are so many methods of keeping customers updated - but which are the best?... more

by: Anonymous 1 December 2013

Christmas is undoubtedly a key time for retailers, but with shoppers having the choice of various outlets, what can they do to keep them engaged?


Some of Australia's high-profile retailers are already reporting tough times, so there is a real opportunity for others to take... more

Communication is key to keep donations and sponsorships rolling in
by: Anonymous 28 October 2013

In order for charities to produce donations year after year from existing members and sponsors it is vital that they are kept informed about how their contributions have been spent and how they have helped.


Regular communication with members and sponsors can help revitalise these... more